The story of original sin, Armageddon and the second coming are re told in hep psychedelic luridness in the 1973 comic ‘There’s a New World Coming’. A bunch of pretty all American Kids in sideburns and miniskirts experience a vision of the struggle between good and evil whilst wrapped in a crazy cloud of Scooby Doo esque groovyness.
Even though the message of the comic is, in parts, somewhat negative, using recent events such as Vietnam and the Free Love Movement to predict the coming of the anti Christ, the whole thing is handled in such a fantastically ginchy fashion as to render the whole thing unremittingly far out.

By comparison 2001’s ‘Glory To God’ is a bum trip. Dark, violent, sanctimonious and overbearing, using stark black and white to tell bible stories in their original language, and full of Roman Soldiers setting fire to people its about as fun as a stale digestive biscuit.


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