After a long and painful wait, during which time fate threw many strange and uncanny obstacles in my path (so much so in fact that many people close to me came to believe in ‘the curse of the black project), my new comic ‘The Black Project’ has finally come into being!

Its a weird little tale about a somewhat obsessive young man with a secret hobby, and indeed, the making of it became a rather weird little hobby for me too. The first comic (to my knowledge) to bring together the mediums of lino-cut and embroidery, it was a labour of love to say the least, and taught me an important lesson, namely if you bring your embroidery to the pub with you, your mates are likely to frown on it.

A big thank you has to go to the fabulous Ditto Press who risographed it for me and made it look beautiful despite being heavily encumbered by my appalling photoshop/indesign buffoonery and my inability even to get pages in the right order. All hail Ditto Press!!!

(sorry about the quality of this image ditto, I spilt orange juice on the flier)

The Black Project 1 will be the first of 3 comics which I’ll probably put together into one volume in the very distant future, in the meantime you can buy issue 1 at appallingnonsense.co.uk for the very cheap price of £4 (+£1p&p)


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