There are many reasons to start a distro, in my case it was because I’d thought of a really good pun. And so Julia and I took Ahhh Distro (get it?) on the road, first to the Port Elliot Festival and a few weeks later to the West Dean Festival . Our plan was to make a bit of cash for some of our favourite artists, plus get rid of some of our still rather massive pile of Comix Readers

Painting the sign

The stall

The stock; Tobias Tak Karoline Rerrie Sofia N
Steve Tillotson Static Revolver
Phillipa Rice David O’Connell Browner Knowle Saban Kazim Maartje Schalkx Decadence The Bedsit Journal

Ellen Lindner Barnaby Richards and Tanya Meditzky
Gareth Brookes J Homersham and finally The Comix Reader

Julia selling Comix Reader at Port Elliot

My Turn at the West Dean Festival, notice improved board

At West Dean we were joined by the lovely Ellen Lindner and Steven Betts

It was hard work.

We had a lovely time, and I’m glad to report that our stack of Comix Readers is greatly reduced. Most importantly we learned a lot about selling stuff at festivals and next year I reckon we’re ready to tackle some big ones!


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