The new one from my old Banal Pig sparring partner Steve Tillotson is a thing of no small novelty. The story is simple enough, a wren called Chris wakes up determined to pursue a day of excitement.

Initially thwarted by a series of encounters that are merely diverting he finally finds spectacular satisfaction after disobeying an authority figure.

The really interesting thing about Christopher Wren – In Search of Excitement is the format. The reader unfolds the story rather than turns the pages, revealing it’s contents in a process that feels rather like unwrapping a present. This achieved one finds the final panel on the back in all it’s A3 sized glory.

As if this wasn’t enough innovativeness for one day, Tillotson offers the reader a choice of two outcomes, happy or sad. Above is the happy version, if you want to see the sad one then you’ll have to order a copy from The Banal Pig Website


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