Having been travelling recently I had the opportunity of trying to discover what (if any) small press comics exist in other parts of the world. Being heavily acquainted with the British small press scene, I felt I had a pretty good idea where to look (under rocks, old man pubs, mental hospitals).
After drawing a complete blank in Thailand (let me know if there are any Thai comics creators out there I may have missed) I had higher hopes for New Zealand. And indeed I wasn’t disappointed.

In a shop well stocked with small press, in the capitol city of Wellington, I found the appealingly bonkers Moxon by Brent Willis and Ari Freeman, which comes highly recommended at the ridiculous price of $2 (less than a quid in todays money)

Enthused by this, we took the Ahhh Distro market stall to the southern most city on earth Duneden.

On a sunny day rare for that part of the world we sold our wares at the university market (many thanks Kitty)

There we met the Duneden Comics Collective who we did swapsies with. I scored a T Shirt picturing a teddy bear being disemboweled, and copies of their excellent anthology.

This is an extremely professional piece of work, nicely put together and everything inside is of a high standard. It would appear that all these comics creators are also in bands, because each issue comes with an albums worth of far out noise, much in keeping with a city that gave bands such as us the Bats and the 3D’s.

Now I’ve probably missed a lot, particularly as we didn’t go to Auckland, so anyone that would like to further enlighten me as to the state of New Zealand Comics, please do, and I’ll do an update post all about it.


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