I’ve just put all my comics and zines onto this website ‘Comicsy’ which describes itself as a new ‘small press marketplace’. I must say, as resistant as I usually am to all new ideas, I very much hope this one is a winner. Firstly because it’ll be rather splendid if enough creators put their stuff on there that it becomes genuinely representative of whats going on in the world small-press-wise, a veritable one stop shop for comics and zines. Secondly, because I am able to use it, which isn’t true of many websites, although I’m a few weeks away from being able to offer my comics as downloads, which is another interesting thing comicsy offers.

I’d be feeling soiled by this gushing advert for a website if it wasn’t for the fact they are a non profit organisation, and don’t even take a cut of your winnings. Check out my Comicsy Shop and not forgetting Comicsy itself and if you’re a small press creator, you should think about getting involved.


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