Well, it’s the most frightening time of year again, when our streets reverberate with the sharp report of fireworks and small children don oversized masks to terrorise pre-warned, trusted adults for sugar.
And what year would be complete without one of myself and J Homershams near legendary mask making sessions. Who could forget the impact of last years Wicker Man inspired masks, or the deliciousness of my patented vagina dentata cakes?
This year our chosen theme is bedlam, and our inspiration comes from one of it’s most famous inmates Louis Wain. Wain was an illustrator who specialised in cats, who developed schizophrenia, precipitated, some say from toxoplasmosis contracted from the very cats he loved. As his condition worsened, his cat illustrations moved further and further into the realms of psychedelia.

Wain’s illustrations are often used in psychology textbooks as examples of how art can reflect mental decline, however I tend to find more evidence of psychological disturbance in his early work than his later.

So, taking this as inspiration we accepted the self administered challenge of creating Lois Wain masks.

J Homersham, whose mask is on the right is creating a pre-breakdown Wain mask, where as I have adopted the task of producing a full psychedelic Wain cat. At this early stage you will observe that we have used a couple of standard human masks, available from any good art shops, mutilated them, and repaired them in cat form with paper, soaked in a 50/50 mixture of water and PVA glue.

I must say at the moment Homersham’s looks the more impressive. Tune in for part two this weekend, to see the finished result.

In the mean time here’s a link to the best song about Halloween ever written


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