The first thing to compliment this zine on is it’s awesome name, ‘Death and the Girls’ a name that recommends itself through straightforwardness. There are two stories inside, the first Mallinalli, relates a bloodthirsty tale of Mexican Aztecs falling under the Spanish yoke. The format is one illustration per page which allows room for Todd’s compositional imagination to take flight, different parts of the narrative take place at different locations of the scene, like they used to do it in the old days before the invention of superfluous panel borders. The result is a rather hallucinatory flight rich in South American imagery.
The next story, The Nubian Sisters, features three foul mouthed girls as they transform into ‘magical biker bitches’ to retrieve their dog from some demonic ghoul masquerading as a nun. Despite the more conventional panel arrangement there’s plenty of room for illustrations of flying mexican skeletons, phallic cactuses and catholic architecture.The whole thing is like a Henry Darger story written under the direction of Russ Meyer.
Indeed Todd seems to have the ability to distill the urgency and vision of the more unhinged end of outsider art, without entirely losing the ability to make sense.

Anyone who’s been following this blog will realise I only recommend stuff thats somewhat idiosyncratic, and they don’t come much more idiosyncratic nor highly recommended as this.

A quick look at Todd’s Website reveals a plethora of further material.


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