Following the universal acclaim for my ongoing Great Covers from my Collection series, I thought I’d share with you my Postcard collection. Unearthed in the mustiest of provincial junk shops each card represents a happy hour of browsing (which we all know improves the digestion) and rifling through boxes of lost intimacies in the hope of finding a classic.
Todays theme is animals.

‘The White Hope of Hounslow’.
What the residents of Hounslow hoped this cat to achieve on their behalf is unclear. Sent on the 18.4.29 to the Isle of white the post card reads as follows. ” My dear Sheila, You are having a lovely time – I am so glad. You will not want to come home. I feel very lonely without you and mama. Give our love to Aunty, Uncle and Auntie Sally with lots for you and dear mama – Grandma”

This Postcard has the lovely often rather garish hand colouring that pre colour film users used to retouch black and white film with. Although used with subtlety here, it can give you the queasy feeling of having consumed some obscure unadvised hallucinogen. Sent on 20th January 1908 to Winslow, the reverse reads “Dear Amy, I hope you will like this P.C. I have one like this in my Album. I have got to Padbury, I came last Saturday. Please give my love to L. I will write more next time, Love from Elsie H”

This quizzical looking Dog wears it’s 70’s colours with great pride. Sent on the 5th June 1971 and bearing a stamp depicting a very young looking Queen Elizabeth that costs two and a half p, the reverse offers us a treat.

Clearly written by a small child or maniac it says, as far as I can tell ” I like the farm are 63 cows Peter”


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