The world of small press zines and comics is a fragile and valuable thing. In a cultural environment that otherwise shows every sign of creative bankruptcy there is, never the less, some bloke or lady sitting behind a table at a zine fair near you, who has, motivated only by the promise of making enough spare change to afford a pint and a half of cheapest bitter, managed to do what no amount of committee driven multi million pound mainstream industry project seems to have the power to do anymore; surprise me.


Meteorites is a surprising zine. Each page contains one highly detailed retractable pencil rendition of a meteorite, text underneath tells us where it was found, the year it was found and how much it weighs. And thats pretty much it, no other explanation or meaning is offered, but then, none is required. Theres something of the detail fetishist about Jamie Mills, one suspects he enjoyed the almost cosmic futility of describing every crevice of these meteorites with his 0.05 4B pencil. The work is at once utterly meaningless and pregnant with intergalactic profundity. What a strange and impossibly unlikely fate for a rock that has travelled billions of miles over billions of years to land on a planet inhabited by aggressive carnivorous monkeys, and have one of their number draw you, print you out, staple you together with other pictures of meteorites and sell you in a pub in north London. What does it all mean?

It means you should go to Jamie’s website and buy one. In the pub where I got this he was selling deluxe editions with an accompanying piece of actual meteorite!!


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