I’m signing off until after Xmas, so thank you to all those who read the blog over the past year, all six of you.

Every year myself and J Homersham make our own Christmas cards, (except for last year). Apart from the great glow of well being it gives you, it also means that dumb card companies don’t get any of our money, and contributes to the amusingly inevitable hand-wrinnging of economists on Radio 4 bemoaning the fact that even the rampant commercialism of Christmas has failed once again to jump start our floundering economy.

Before I reveal this years card, which hopefully Royal Mail will have managed to deliver to our friends before I publish it on the internet, heres our card from two years ago.

humbug 2

It’s a three colour stencil, so you can imagine how many glasses of sherry it took to complete thirty odd cards. This years is a swift watercolour, which again required several glasses of sherry, which is why they vary so much in quality.


I’ve put the inside contents alongside the front cover so you’ll have to imagine the not inconsiderable comedic impact of opening the card. Notice how we used the same font for both cards!

Anyway, enough waffling for one year, (raises glass (of coffee (we ran out of cups))) Have a Tolerable Christmas and a Reasonable New Year!


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