When I was a kid me and my mates found this cassette tape lying on the street, all the writing had rubbed off so we couldn’t tell what it was, but we succeeded in loading it up on my mates Amstrad computer. This ‘game’ seemed to consist of a man walking around the endlessly repeating architecture of an almost deserted city for no reason. Occasionally you’d come across another character but they would just walk around you in hasty and random directions. Without the instructions we didn’t know the object of the game or what buttons to press. Eventually we gave up and played Chase HQ instead.

Well thats a bit like reading Silent V by Kyle Baddeley. Its got a scientist, a fox, an experimental baby some aliens and some creatures, and they interact in a way that suggests an overall coherence without ever quite reaching it.


However having made up ones mind to enjoy the comic rather than search for the lost detail that you’re sure will make the whole thing make sense, the flavour of its lunacy begins to fascinate the palette. The sheer consistency with which it almost follows the logic of narrative is quite brilliantly Kafkaesque, and the means by which it does so, such as begining a scene with ‘meanwhile in the middle ages’ always raise a chuckle.

In issue 5 theres a splendid short where two men eat a large meal, then eat all the plates, then crap it all out, then eat their crap, then try and eat each other. This straightforwardness provides a welcome comic relierf from all the head scratching. I look forward to the final instalment in issue 7, will it all suddenly make perfect sense? I hope not!

I traded these comics with Kyle, unlike some people I could mention, I like doing trades, so if anyone out there fancies it, just get in contact at the usual appalling nonsense email address!


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