As Obama ruminates on the course of his presidency over the next four years, he could do a lot worse than to study the pages of ‘Prez – First Teenage President.’ Like many Presidents of the past, foreign policy is a constant thorn in Prez’s side, and this issue ‘Vampire in the White House’ deals with this issue.


To begin with the inexperienced Presidents foreign policy is wildly generous, he negotiates a terrible deal with the Republic of Moravia (?) to lend them 1 Billion dollars to build a canal, at the ruinous repayment rate of $34.60 a year. However Prez and his hippy Native American pal ‘Eagle Free’ (whom Prez has idiotically appointed chief of the FBI) soon learn the complexity of international diplomacy as the Ambassador from Transylvania (who is also a wolf man) arrives and explains that the new US funded canal is draining Transylvania’s reservoirs. Considering he is a wolf man this Ambassador conducts himself in quite a reasonable manner and requests the canal to be deconstructed to which Prez replies ‘NO WAY!’

As Prez’s foreign policy lies in tatters Congress becomes increasingly restive, culminating in the charge that Prez has been smoking marijuana or getting high on goof balls. Facing Federal investigation Prez and Eagle Free hatch a kamikaze assassination plot involving Eagle Free talking some pigeons into flying into the engines of the Transylvanian version of Air Force One. This achieved they send Transylvania a big fat Aid package of US dollars even though they are all vampires and likely to attack them again.

It’s surprising to me that this excellent comic from 1974 only lasted for 4 issues, perhaps it was a bit too close to the reality of US foreign policy and was silenced by Nixon. I wonder if they’re ever will be a real teen president? Sadly, by the time Obama finished his term Justin Beiber will be too old for the job.


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