As everyone will tell you Newspapers are extinct, outdated and deader than a dinosaur’s grandma. Now that every one of the worlds 6 Billion human souls have an ipad, the news is something that everybody does, and is really a matter of opinion anyway, the opinion of the entirely misinformed being equal to that of the expert.


In the old days Dad relied on the newspaper. It was essential that Dad was informed about the privatisation of British Steel or the unions getting too big for their boots. Mum of course, didn’t need to worry about such things and continued to bake scones, but Dad, for some reason, needed to be aware of developments. And here is Dad diligently buying a newspaper on his way to work as microwave salesman, a technology which will completely replace the oven within five years with its delicious high quality prepackaged convenience meals which Mum thinks are ever so posh.


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