Remember 2008? Basshunter was riding high in the charts, the world economy went tits up and Thomas Beatie, the world’s first pregnant man, gave birth to a daughter. Halcyon days indeed, and as for me I was working on Manly Boys an irreverent boys comic spoof with Banal Pig’s Steve Tillotson.


As collaborations go, it was fairly straightforward, as I recall, we simply had a race to see who could write 16 pages first. Steve won, so he had to do the cover.




It proved highly popular and sold out at super quick pace. What happened to the money we made, neither of us are sure, I remember ordering another drink, Steve feeding pound coins into a fruit machine and meeting a magic bean seller on the way home from Mile End. In any case we struggled to scrape together the cash for more than one reprint, whenever I had enough funds, Steve was skint, and whenever he could come up with the cash, I was poorer than a church mouse.

But now, thanks to the latest ‘Computer’ technology, Manly Boys is back!! You can buy it as a download for a paltry £1.50 by following this link. You can read a Forbidden Planet Blog review here!


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