I recently inherited all of Granny’s Books, a prospect that didn’t initially fill me with any great expectations. It was only when I drew the first dusty volumes from the shelf that I realised I had unearthed a treasury of fantastic fifties book design. Indeed so profoundly was I impressed as I drew one classic cover after another from the rapidly emptying shelf, that I decided one post wouldn’t be enough and resolved to make a series of it.

Most of Granny’s books come from something called ‘The Book Club’ as far as I can make it out The Book Club was a kind of subscription service where you got sent a selection of books over a certain period of time for a flat subscription fee (interestingly this publishing model is making something of a comeback, with small comics publishers such as retrofit jumping on the sixty year old bandwagon).
As objects that would accumulate in the subscribers home some thought and effort has clearly been taken over the cover and spine design, and how the books would all look together on the shelf.

grannys 2

The cover above is just lovely, a simple colour palette and a superb font. I wish I could upload smells to the internet because you’re missing something being on your side of the screen.

grannys 3

I wonder what the animals are plotting in this gloomy and menacing wrap around example.


The Book Club seems to have selected some of its titles just for their amusing names. What danger the deer in the proximity of these protagonists may present will remain a mystery till I get round to reading this book.

grannys 7

And I love ‘Killers Must Eat’ it’s a phrase I intend to try and drop into conversation over the next few days for my own private amusement. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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