I spotted this odd publication on the pavement outside the picturesque Elephant and Castle shopping centre. Attracted by the title and the inviting cover imagery I snatched it off the concrete and boarded a number 12. Imagine my disappointment on finding my comprehension limited by the Spanishness of the text. 


In form this comic resembles one of the infamous Tijuana Bibles of the 30’s. But flicking through its pages one is confronted not by the x-rated exploits of well known pop cultural icons, but by the most bizarre and badly drawn apocalyptic horror imagery. This comic is either something to do with the Bible, or a surreal and somewhat satanic horror comic.


Like all good horror narratives ‘La Bestia’ begins with people having fun. The ire excited the reader by such behaviour is soon satisfied by the incursion of goat headed men and zombies.


The party thus pooped the comic goes on to describe other things that can happen in the wake of a good time, including this lovely image (bottom left hand corner) of a very angry insect.


Then we get the bit where all the people who didn’t have fun at the beginning are invited by weird no-face into his special cloudy pleasure lounge.


The scariest part of all this is that the back cover not only has a address and telephone number but a time scawled hastily on the back. Scariest of all it has the website address of Chick Publications which is a great place to go for hair-raising bullshit like evidence of eden, how Jesus can cure homosexuality, how the catholic church is run by satan and blah blah blah blah.

Looks like this is a surreal horror comic after all.


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