The number of days between now and the moment when my debut graphic novel The Black Project (released by Myriad Editions) is finally available for the general public to touch, own and run off into the fields with, are becoming less numerous!

Save for a few spelling corrections the book is completely finished, and the incessant stitching, linocutting and printing that has occupied most of my time for the last four years is finally behind me.

To reinforce this fact I’ll be giving you a few fleeting glimpses over the coming weeks of pages selected from the books hefty 208 page girth.

So without further ado take a look at the page below. It’s made up of five linocuts (if you count the little one in the middle) and a simple embroidered border.

page 1c

It shows Richard, the young protagonist waiting for his Mum to finish ironing and drinking tea so she can give him an embroidery lesson.


Little does she realise to what ends he will apply this knowledge!

This page is a simple embroidered one. It shows the kind of sleepy suburban street that most of story takes place in.


The page below features Richard’s friend Clive who works in the supermarket. Like many people who work in supermarkets, it doesn’t take much to make him angry.

page r

This page features one of my favourite embroideries in the book, a simple composition of silhouetted tree branches.

page 12

Thats it for now but stay tuned for more Black Project related posts, news and page reveals in the coming weeks!


4 thoughts on “The Black Project – Page Reveal.

  1. Gareth, this is amazing! When and where can I buy it, please? I must have a copy for running into fields and all kinds of other places.Hope to see you at Laydeez next time. I couldn’t come the last time because of college deadlines.

    Well done. Can’t wait to read and see it!BestBrigitte Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 09:26:01 +0000 To: brigittemierau@hotmail.com

    • Watch this space for updates, but It’ll be out in September, exact date to be confirmed, available in all good bookshops, and from me at all good comic events!

      See you at Laydeez next time.

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