In this final look into the musty archives of Granny’s Books I’m examining a subject matter depicted in the majority of their tatty dust jackets, namely Women, of which there appear to be four types.

1. The Victim

There is no greater catalyst for action than an inanimate woman, especially one prostrated in a dramatic and compositionally satisfying manner.


2. The Vamp.

Good Lord! This clearly isn’t the type of woman a Gentleman would take home for tea with mother. I expect she’s foreign though, Spanish Probably.


3. The Damsel in Distress

Oh dear, look at this silly pretty thing. Doesn’t she realise that there are such things as bridges? She certainly requires some fellow to carry her across in his arms.


4. The Woman in need of an Awakening.

This type of woman is tired of her situation, she longs for something indefinable, which lurks just over the horizon of her little imagination. Shackled by the bounds of duty and propriety, what she needs is some chap or even better two very different chaps, to provide her with an exciting dilemma.


Fortunately for the fairer sex, society has moved on greatly since the dark days of Granny’s books. No longer are our cultural products sold to us on the basis of these laughably narrow stereotypes. No longer are women categorised as sexpots, victims or middle class frumps, as theses recent film posters amply demonstrate:






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