I’m currently engaged in the important task of giving my home the atmosphere of a pub.  I’ve already achieved the musty smell, ordered some urinal soaps, and installed a fruit machine. But what pub is complete without a pile of battered and incomplete board games? My quest to achieve this vital feature has sent me to charity shops far and wide, here’s a rundown of my purchases to date.



Awarded Game of the Year in 1972, this is a serious game for serious individuals, as indicated by the threatening box lid image of a gangland boss/Bond villain and his scowling oriental bodyguard/moll. Billed on the inside as ‘A measure of intelligence’ this is one of those annoying games that oblige you to use logic and reasoning to achieve your aims.



This turns out to be another name for Chinese Chequers, but what an awesome box! A worthy addition to my pub-board-game arsenal by merit of its appearance alone.

Haunted Wood.


Technically this is a game for children. I wouldn’t advise any parents to let their kids play it however as the repeated frustration of being sent back to the beginning by another player landing on your piece is too much for a grown man, let alone an innocent child. Likely to turn a drizzly bank holiday into a terrible nightmare.


4 thoughts on “Board Game Review

    • Sweet! your Mum’s garage sounds like a repository of style and taste. Which one would you recommend to the prospective gamer?

  1. There is also an awesome handmade game that I think is called Bagatelle, the very height of 70s sophistication.
    Man up and take on the haunted wood you won’t regret it.

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